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Back-to-School Tips and Tricks

As the summer nights are getting shorter it can only mean one thing.. school is about to begin! We have put together some tips for you to get your student back-to-school ready! Check out this list of some tips and hacks for the new school year.

Create a Back-To-School Kit

  • Take a small pencil case or a makeup bag that can zip and fill it with the things that you think your child might find helpful or comforting. Based on how old they are their kit might include things like fun pens and pencils, a hairbrush, hand sanitizer, a fidget toy, a few dollars for a vending machine, or even (my personal favorite) a note from mom or dad. Even a grumpy teenager will be happy to have a kit but theirs might be a little different with gum, mini lotion, lip gloss, and maybe even a gift card to their favorite fast food or coffee location.

Back-to-School Shopping Trip

  • A shopping trip is a sure fire way to get your student pumped up for going back to school. No kid would turn down an opportunity to get new clothes or supplies! Make sure you print out the right list for your student’s classroom.
Almost time for a new school year!
Clean Mama Image: Gathering Supplies for Homework Station

Create a Homework Station

  • Blogger Becky from the Clean Mama blog had a great idea to create a homework station for your student. She used a cutlery caddy and mason jars to not only organize but store essentials for conquering homework. Fill mason jars with things such as pencils, markers, a ruler, and even snacks. Energizing snacks like granola bars or trail mix will help keep your students brain fueled up.

Sign Up for School Activities or Clubs

  • A great way for your older children to meet some new friends is having them join a school activity. Have them join a sport, the band, or even a club. If you have an older student going to high school or college, you could help them do some research before their first day to see if there are any clubs that peak their interest. Some school websites can be helpful or even their school’s social media.

Read a First Day of School Picture Book

First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg

We hope that these Back-To-School tips and hacks we have put together can help your student ready for the first day of the new school year. Make sure to check back here for even more tips and tricks!

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