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Bathroom Remodel Tips for DIYers

Kicking back with some popcorn and Halloween candy to watch a scary movie is fun.. but watching your DIY bathroom remodel turn into a horror show? Not so fun. Follow this advice from Architectural Digest and Bob Vila to make sure you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

#1. Start with a detailed plan and precise measurements.

While it’s tempting to jump right into shopping for faucets and picking out tile samples, you shouldn’t make any final decisions until you’ve measured everything, sketched out the floorplan, researched different types of materials, and estimated costs. Wait until you’ve planned out the entire bathroom, then start shopping. The end result will be a cohesive look and feel, rather than something haphazardly cobbled together.

#2. Choose materials designed to withstand humidity and moisture.

Engineered quartz and laminate are good choices for countertops; sheet vinyl is the most durable for flooring; and if you opt for tile, be sure to use water-repelling grout. Do some research to find the best materials for your bathroom!

#3. Leave plumbing work to the professionals.

If any plumbing work will be involved in your remodel, don’t DIY it. It’s not just that you might mess up and flood your bathroom-it’s also a matter of safety. “Attempting to move or relocate plumbing pipes or drains is serious business as sewer gasses need to be vented correctly in order to prevent inadvertent poisoning,” says interior designer Charmaine Wynter.

#4. Allow for some wiggle room in your budget.

Whatever you think it’s going to cost, go ahead and add an extra 15-20%. You never know what surprises you might unearth as you begin to pull up old flooring and remove dated fixtures.

#5. Fix the small mistakes right away.

Chances are, you’re going to make some mistakes. Laying your own tile, for instance, is meticulous work. So when you mess up-even just a little bit-go ahead and make it right. Otherwise, that crooked tile is going to haunt you for the rest of your life.

A DIY remodel is a big undertaking, but homeowners just like you do it every day. With proper planning and plenty of research, you’ll soon have the bathroom of your dreams!

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