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Fall Home Projects

So summer is winding down and fall is coming. With the start of fall almost here it’s a good time to start doing some home projects, both inside and outside your home, to get everything ready for the colder weather. Taking the time to get your house and family ready for the coming cold weather now will make the fall and winter easier.

Touch up your exterior

Your homes exterior goes through a lot of beating with the weather, so going into winter its important you get it shaped up and ready for the upcoming weather. There are several things you should do for that. First, power wash the exterior of the home, your deck and anything else you have. Clean any patio furniture and anything else that stays outside and then store it away. Clean out your gutters and fix any issues. Check your deck, make any repairs, and seal it if necessary. Depending on the state of your deck, you might need more or less work. Just remember its easier to take steps now to prevent issues than to try to fix issues in January. You should also check your roof and make any repairs necessary, this will help many things, including keeping your home warm. Overall, just make sure the exterior of your home is clean and make any repairs needed.

Prepare Lawn & Garden

Obviously winter is hard on your yard and garden, but you can do things to make sure everything grows back beautifully in the spring. You should clean up your yard, pick up any debris, leaves or anything else. Make sure to aerate your yard and garden and fertilize everything.

Check Windows, Seals & Insulation

This one is important for keeping your home warm. Check all of your windows and replace them if needed. This ensures they are up to top quality and that they will serve as a good barrier between the outside world and the inside of your home. If you decide your windows aren’t in the best shape, but you aren’t able to replace them, look into window insulator kits. You can also weather strip, get storm windows, or hang thermal window drapes. You should also check all of the seals on every window and door in your home and replace anything that’s needed. Finally, you should check the general insulation around your home. All of this will not only keep your home warm but will help keep the heat inside and the cold outside, so your furnace doesn’t work harder than necessary.

Check HVAC

You probably haven’t been heating your home for the past 6 months, so now that you will be switching from cooling to heating, it’s a great time to check everything out. Replace filters and clean everything up. Try to call a professional to come in for a tune up. All of this will ensure that everything’s working properly, which helps avoid a breakdown in the middle of winter. In addition, it makes sure everything’s running smoothly, which could help save you money in the long run.

Install Smart Home Devices

Installing Smart Home devices aren’t a necessity, but they can make your life so much easier. There are now devices that can make everything so much easier. There are smart thermostats, smart deadbolts, smart lighting, smart doorbells and so much more. Smart thermostats like the Ecobee are a great option when preparing for the winter. The work great with any smart home system you already have, and they help save power so your systems aren’t working more than necessary. If you want more information about different Smart Home Devices you should check out our blog on our favorite Smart Home Devices.

Repair Driveways

If your driveway has any cracks or damage, cold weather is just going to make it worse. So now is a great time to get on top of that and make an repairs necessary before winter comes in and makes the program worse.

Winterize Faucets, Sprinklers, & Hoses

After cleaning up the yard its important to winterize all your faucets, sprinklers & hoses. Drain everything of water. Store everything you can inside and make sure everything else is prepared for the cold weather.

Clean grill, mower, other outside equipment & store for winter

Colder weather means a lot of things are being put up for the year. Taking the time to clean all of this will make your life a lot easier in the spring when you bring them out. It also ensures that everything is in good condition and working properly so you don’t have to deal with surprise problems in the spring.

Clean & Tune up Fireplace

With colder weather comes for fireplace usage. So now is a good time to get your fireplace cleaned and checked. Make sure its prepared for being used regularly. It’s also a great time to make sure you have all of the firewood or fuel you need.

Clean & Check Detectors, Space Heaters & Appliances

Fall & Winter means you will be inside more and likely using space heater and such more often. This is a great time to have everything cleaned and checked. Make sure your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors checked so you can feel safe being home all the time. Deeping and checking your appliances like the oven, washer & dryer should also be done now. All of this just prepares you for being home more often and lets you feel safer knowing everything’s safe and clean.

Stock your house with winter supplies

Living in the Midwest means we need to be prepared for winter. Fall is the time for you to stock your home with everything you could need for the winter. This means everything from a good rack for leaves, a good snow shovel as well as snow clothes, ice melt, and just household supplies. Make sure you don’t get caught in the day before a big snow storm panic, have everything from canned food to toilet paper to candles stocked in your home so you don’t have to stress when weather starts.

Prepare house for Winter

Now it’s cleaning time! Clean and prepare your home for the changing seasons. Clean your mudroom, switch out the clothes and bring out your coats, switch out the blankets and bring out any space heaters, switch your fans direction, and deep clean your home. Make sure you do things like clean all of the blankets and clothes, deep clean the carpets, couches & beds and properly store all of the summer things.


Ok! That’s a lot of things to do, but all of them will help set you up for a successful winter and make your life easier when the weather starts to get warmer again. Do you have other projects you like to do in the fall? If so let us know!

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