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Holiday Lights Done Right!
Your home for the holidays should be stress free! Here are a few tips to help get you there!

It’s that time of year again and the holiday lights are most likely tangled up in your attic or garage! Even though most years it can feel like a dreaded ordeal, this time we have the perfect solution to help you enjoy the holiday season!

We have a few tips to help not only you but also your home. Not done properly, something as simple as putting up lights could damage your home. Have no fear, let’s get your started!

Before you start any project what’s the most important step? If you answered make a plan, you answered correct! Having a plan on what you want and what you have will make everything go smoother. Don’t just wing it, take some time to make sure you have all you need to make the perfect holiday set up.

So Here is the Plan…

  1. Focus: To start out your plan you need to choose a focal point on your home. Where do you want your attention to be drawn? From there it will make it so much easier to branch out from that spot.
  2. Surfaces: Determine where the best spots would be to hang your lights along the roof line. Make sure your gutters and shingles are sturdy enough to accommodate light clips. You also need to decide what surfaces your lights will cover. Do you want them on the roof-line, windows, decks, railings, bushes and/or walkways?
  3. Measure: Cannot stress enough the need to measure out everything! It will give you a good idea of how many lights you will need for your lovely display. Don’t make the mistake of having your whole home ready yet no way to plug it in!

Now that you have a plan established, let’s move onto the best part; the lights!

  1. Safety: Check to make sure all your lights are functioning, that includes unlit bulbs and any damaged/frayed cords.
    Make sure all of your light clips are facing the same way and that your gutter is sturdy enough the handle the weight.
  2. Type & Color: Color can vary from different LEDs and Incandescent lights. LEDs tend to be bluer whereas incandescent tend to be more yellow. Don’t mix and match, they will probably look odd. Also decide where all the different lights are going. For example, net lights are perfect for bushes, Icicle lights are great for the roof line and strings of LEDs are good for pretty much everything else!
  3. Attachments: Now how are we going to attach the lights to the house? Heaven forbid you use staples, clothespins or nails! Light clips are the perfect for the fact that it does zero damage to your home but also, they come in all shapes and sizes for all of your needs.
  4. Hang up those lights!: Let’s put up the lights! Make sure you have a sturdy ladder, have all the clips facing the right way and a helping hand if possible! TIMER – if you don’t want your energy bill to sky rocket, a good idea would be to get a timer for your lights, making sure they turn off at a decent hour.
  5. ENJOY! Your lights are up, your home looks festive and you can finally relax and enjoy the holidays.

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