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Kedish Realty Group’s Holiday List Ideas for You and Your Home!

The holidays are nearly upon us! *GASP* Whatever shall you get for your significant other? Your Sister? Your own Mother!? While we might not have all the answers like what to get for George or Susanne, we can at least give you some practical gift ideas that are perfect for not only them but also for their home! And if you get one of these gifts for yourself…then make sure you add a tag that says “From: Santa”, we won’t judge.

Brandon’s Gift Ideas:

Kedish Realty Group's Holiday Ideas for You and Your Home Doorbell Camera is perfect for home security. Know exactly who is at your door at all times from just a click away

USB Outlet Covers: The SNAP USB outlet covers install in just 30 seconds and work very well. It keeps both outlets available for use at the same time.  They also come with a night lite version. It’s a perfect backup charger when you can’t find yours or don’t want to get up to get it! They are convenient and affordable. Doorbell Video Camera:  A doorbell camera is handy in so many ways.  You can see who is delivering packages, who knocks on your front door and it’s also a great way to check who comes in or out if your home is for sale. It gives you an extra sense of security which we all can agree, gives us peace of mind.

Copper Cooking Pots & Pans: We recently starting using some copper cooking pans and cooking trays in the oven and they are great heat conductors, and we find they are easy to clean and use. Not to mention they really look nice in the kitchen!

Adam’s Gift Ideas:

Kedish Realty Group's Holiday Ideas for You and Your Home!
Automatically water your lawn from your phone with Hunter Pro-HC, the system that checks weather and waters according to the amount of moisture needed!

Nest Thermostat:  We actually have two! They self-adjust to our lifestyle and know when we come home or leave to set the away feature.  Also, they communicate with each other, so they know how to adjust the temps in the house to keep it comfortable in the different levels. It also reminds us to replace the air filters, helps us save on our utility bills. The Nest App our on phone knows when we are in route to home and adjusts the systems to make sure the house is ready by the time we arrive!     

Hunter PRO-HC Residential Outdoor Irrigation Control: This amazing tool would give me the ability to control the irrigation system from my phone. It connects to the local weather service and can adjust the schedule based on the weather conditions. It’ll track the usage and ability to detect a leak in the system and notify you in the event of a problem! Hunter Pro-HC can also create an irrigation plan based on what you are watering and the soil conditions. Helps save on your water bill by a significant amount!

Pam’s Gift Ideas:

Kedish Realty Group's Holiday Ideas for You and Your Home!
Wax warmers can bring charm and a wonderful fragrance to your home and it’s safe than candles!

Candy Wax Warmer: Candles always give a home such a warm feel to it, and you can get the same warmth and fragrance you can get from a candle but with a more safety and reusable wax! You can even get decorative warmers that become a perfect accent piece in your home.

Roomba Vacuum: Perfect way to keep up on your home even when you are away. The Roomba cleans, navigates and charges itself so its hassle free!

Essential Oils Diffuser: Because I can change scents easily, you can put oils for different things (lavender calming, Thieves to kill germs) My kids loves them in their rooms at night and I love knowing that my home smells and feels healthy!

Lauren’s Gift Ideas:

Kedish Realty Group's Holiday Ideas for You and Your Home!
Improve the quality of your carpets by regular cleanings with the RugDoctor. Keep your home clean and healthy this season!

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet / Upholster Cleaner: Best investment for your home you can make in my opinion, is a good carpet cleaner. Easy to use carpet cleaner that can remove stains of all kinds without having to scrub it by hand. Carpets look cleaner, smell cleaner and feel cleaner! It can also extend the life of your carpet, I mean if you want to keep it you better take care of it!

Honeywell HEPA Allergen Remover & Air Purifier: Air quality can be influential on our health, and with myself having a few minor allergies, an air purifier is a huge benefit. It cleans up dust, pollen, pet dander and odors, leaves your home fresher and cleaner. This product is easy to use, maintain and energy efficient.  It’s on the top of my wish list and a perfect addition to any home

Have a wonderful holiday season and hope you will find all the right gifts for those you love! And remember that when you take care of your home, it will take care of you.

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