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New Year’s Eve Games to Play with the Family

As we prepare to kiss 2022 goodbye and wish for better things, why not do so with fun family-friendly games?! Our list of New Year’s Eve games is sure to be fun for those of all ages. From a word search to an indoor snowball fight, we’ve got something for everyone!

#1 – Printable New Year’s Eve Word Search

A free and simple family friendly game is this printable word search. It features an assortment of festive words, so even your kids can get in on the search. This ready-made activity will be a hit with adults too. Click here to download the printable word search.

#2 – New Year’s Highlights Game

This printable game focuses on the “best” of the year. From A Day You Would Live Over and Over to Best Advice You Received This Year. On the face of it, this game sounds incredibly earnest, but it all comes down to the way you play. Open-ended prompts allow room for interpretation so players can introduce just the right degree of irony and humor. The card printouts also make great placeholders at each dinner table setting, to add conversation at your holiday meal. Click here to download the free printable game.

#3 – Indoor Snowball Fight

This game is the best of both worlds: A snowball fight without the cold temps. We guarantee the kids will love it and the grown-ups too! These indoor snowballs can be purchased on Amazon. Click here for the link to purchase artificial snowballs.

#4 – New Year’s Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Another excellent game for all ages is this scavenger hunt. These handout cards challenge everyone to collect selfies, from wearing their year-shaped glasses to photobombing a New Year’s kiss. Create a shared online photo album so your guests can upload their “finds”! Great way to create memories at the end of the year and look back on next New Year’s Eve. Click here to purchase the scavenger hunt cards.

#5 – New Year’s Name That Tune

End the year on a high note with some holiday music. All you have to do is hum the first notes of a popular New Year’s song (and throw some Christmas tunes in there as well) and have your friends and family guess it within 20 seconds. Whoever guesses correctly gets one point and goes next. To make it even more festive, talk with your group about belting out each correct answer.

#6 – Who Made the Resolution

This game is perfect for people who’ve known each other for years, but it’s also a great game to play as an icebreaker. To play, have all of your guests write a resolution on a piece of paper. It can be one they made in a previous year or something they’re willing to conquer this upcoming year. Place the paper in a mason jar, shake it up, then have each person pull one out and guess who wrote it. The more obscure and random the resolution is, the better!

Here are some minute-to-win-it games for fast play!

Candy Sort

You will need: M&Ms, Skittles, and blindfolds

Here is how to play: Blindfolded contestants must separate the candy pile into candy groups that are the same.


This minute-to-win-it game requires minimal setup. You will need Tic Tacs, paper plates, and a pair of tweezers.

Here is how to play: Guests compete to move as many Tic Tacs from one plate to another in 60 seconds using only the tweezers. The game proceeds one at a time, and whoever transfers the most mints wins the prize (or just the satisfaction of knowing they have superior motor skills).

Ice Capades

You will need: Ice Cubes

Here is how to play: In this challenge, participants have to get an ice cube from one end of the table to the other using only their breath.

Midnight Kiss

You will need: Hersey Kisses

Here is how to play: Place a large bag of Hersey Kisses in the middle of the table. Have a timer ready and have all participants unwrap as many kisses as they can in 60 seconds.

The Countdown Knockdown

You will need: Solo Cups, a pair of nylons, a tennis ball, and a sharpie.

Here is how to play: Place 12 cups in a circle to resemble a clock with a cup in each hour’s position. The player will place a pair of pantyhose on their head with a tennis ball in the bottom of one leg. In the time allotted, they will need to knock over, or out of position, each cup on the clock starting with 11 and working backward around the clock. The last one to be knocked over should be 12 o’clock.

Snow Beard

You will need: Vaseline, cotton balls, and a willing participant’s face.

Have you ever wanted a winter beard like jolly ol’ Saint Nick? This game will be right up your alley then! Take Vaseline and spread it over the face of your participant in the beard area. Race against the clock to put the most cotton balls on the person as you can in 60 seconds. Don’t miss the opportunity to take photos!

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