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Smart Home Devices

Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control


Temperature is a key factor in your home’s comfortability. If you are anything like me, 2 degrees in either direction will completely throw off your ability to relax. In addition to that, you are busy, constantly moving. You need your kitchen tobe cooler while you are busy cooking dinner, but you do not need it as cool during the when no one is home. The Ecobee includes SmartSensor, which adjust your thermostat based on occupancy and temperature, to help you keep  your rooms comfortable. It senses your patterns and adjust accordingly, fixing the temperature before it becomes a problem. The SmartSensor stays one step ahead of you, so you do not have to think about it, and instead stay more comfortable. The SmartSensors also can tell whether you are home. If you like, it can adjust the temperature when you are not home to save you money when you are not home, and then adjust back to your preferred settings you return. Ecobee works seamlessly with your preferred smart home system, including Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT. This lets your control your temperature with your voice, just ask it to change the temperature however you would like. In addition, you can use it as any normal smart device, just ask it for the weather, traffic, to play music, and more. Ecobee is easy to install. You can install it by yourself in less than 45 minutes with the help of video walk throughs and the step-by-step guide that you can find in the Ecobee app.


Who likes to vacuum or sweep? No one, especially if you have children and/or pets. The iRobot Roomba means you never have to vacuum, or sweep, again.

Models like the Roomba 675, or Roomba 960 that connect to Wi-Fi, you can easily use voice control to start cleaning. You can also use voice control to tell the Roomba to “go home,” back to its charging dock, if you need it to go up before it’s finished its cleaning.  This is another device that you can connect to and control through your smart home system, like Alexa or Google Assistant. In addition, you can control everything through your phone using the app, which even allows you to schedule cleaning so you can make sure it cleans while no one is home. The Wi-Fi connection also means if your Roomba ever gets stuck somewhere, you can easily find it.

The Roomba has a 90-minute cycle before it will automatically dock and start charging. It has a 3-stage cleaning process that loosens, lifts and suctions everything off your hard floors or carpet. It is Auto Adjusting cleaning head will automatically sense the floor type and adjust to effectively clean the surface. Patented Dirt Detect sensors will tell the Roomba if certain areas, like your high traffic areas, are particularly dirty and the Roomba will work harder on those areas. A full deck of sensors allows the Roomba to smoothly navigate itself around your home, under and around objects and furniture, making sure to thoroughly clean all your floors.



WeMo Smart Plug

Now adays there are so many smart devices to make your life easier, but we all have those things around our home that aren’t smart that we wish were: coffee maker, favorite lamp, a fan, or whatever it is for you. Smart plugs, like this WeMo Smart Plug, lets you make those things smart. Just plug the WeMo into the outlet, and then your item into the WeMo, and there you go!

With Wi-Fi connectivity, WeMo will connect to your favorite smart home system and then it has voice control. The WeMo app allows you to control your devices from your phone, even letting you schedule activity for the future. Schedule your lights so you never come home to a dark house or sync your lamps with the sun. The “Away Mode” will randomly turn your lights on and off to make it look like you are home, even when you are gone.

The WeMo comes with 15A power for your high-power appliance. It also comes with overload protection. You also have the option to get WeMo mini, a slack new option that allows for 2 plugs to be in the same outlet.

WeMo gives you the flexibility to schedule your lights and appliances to work around your life. No more getting up 10 minutes early to start the coffee or stumbling through a dark room to find the lamp.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

How many of us have left the house or gone to bed and thought “Did I look the door?” The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock lets you check from your phone, in addition to other things.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock connects to Wi-Fi on its own, it also seamlessly connects to your favorite smart home system. Use voice control to lock or unlock your door. August easily attaches to your deadbolt on the inside of your door, giving you the option to continue to use your existing keys if you choose. However, with August, you don’t need your keys, as it automatically detects when you get home and unlocks the door. You can also enable the auto lock feature, so the door will automatically lock as soon as it closes.

August comes with DoorSense and SmartAlerts. DoorSense is a sensor that can tell if your door is closed or not. SmartAlerts alert you when someone locks or unlocks the door, or when the door is left open.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock comes with the guest feature. You can send a key to a friend or family member, and they can use that to get into your home. These keys can be programmed to only work during certain times, or for a limited time. You can also cancel their keys access any time you want, as well as track when they use the key.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is very easy to install. You can install it and connect it to your Wi-Fi in about 15 minutes. It connects easily to the inside of your deadbolt, so it can’t be seen from the outside. Bluetooth allows it to sense a phone with an access key through the door. Once installed its easy to use, just turn the knob or unlock the door using the app.

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