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Things to do during the Pandemic

Take a digital tour

You may be staying home, but that is no reason you can’t spend a day at the British Museum in London, well virtually at least. Travel and Leisure collected a list of famous museums that are currently letting you take a virtual tour of the museum. The museums on this list are famous, incredible museums that most of us will never get to visit in person, but now we can visit them virtually, which is almost as

good. After you are done at the museum, hop on over to New York’s Metropolitan Opera at 6:30 EDT and catch an opera.

If museums and operas aren’t your thing, you can also take virtual tours of some of America’s best national parks.

Have a Netflix viewing party

Call some friends, pick something to watch and stay on the call and watch the show together. While its not the same as watching it in the same place, viewing parties are still a great way to connect with loved ones you do not get to spend as much time with right now. Plus, is there anything better to lift your mood than watching a comedy with your best friends?

DIY projects

DIY projects are a fantastic idea to keep busy while we are spending more time at home. Since you are home more, you are probably finding things all around your house that you want to fix or change, to make your home better. DIY projects are a great way to tackle that. Is your house to messy and you want to find a way to be more organized and cleaner? There are countless DIY project ideas on the internet to help with that. You can also just update things you have now, like repainting your cabinets or furniture. Another fun idea is game tables, not only is it a DIY project, once you’re done it’s a fun game to play! Whatever you are dreaming about wanting, there is sure to be guides online to help you Do-it-yourself!


A garden is a fun way to keep yourself busy. You get to grow food for yourself and you have something that requires your attention every day. Gardens are also a great project to do with kids. Gardens are also great because there is so many ways to do a garden, you can just plant it in your yard, or build a raised garden to set in your yard, or you can use pots. Whatever option you choose, this will be a great activity to keep your family busy.

Have a Self-Care day

Self-care is something we often neglect, but right now its more important than ever. Focus on yourself. Take a day and do all the things that make you feel relaxed. Curl up with your favorite book, take a bath, have an at home spa day, order take out and watch your favorite movie. Spend a day reconnecting with yourself. Relax and let all the stress of the world disappear for a day.


We are currently living through a historic time, so if you are finding yourself bored than take the time to write everything down. Write about what is going on in the world, write about what you are doing, or whatever you feel like. One day your grand kids may come to you asking about this year and how cool would it be to pull out your journal and be able read it to them.

Read that book you have been meaning too

Almost everyone I know has that book; you know the one you’ve been saying you were going to read for forever, but you haven’t yet. Well now is the perfect time! Find that book and get to reading. If you do not have a book like that, well lucky you, but find a book you want to read and get to reading.

Organize and Clean

What better time than now to organize your house? Empty out that closet, donate some things, and organize what you have left. Or you could give a good deep clean to thing that never gets cleaned.

Help those around you

Do you have someone in your life that is at extra risk? Or someone that is an essential worker and has been working harder than ever lately? Figure out what you can do to help them out. Go grocery shopping, send them some take out, or just make a point to call them more often to check in.

Schedule video chats with loved ones

With everything being locked down, and events being cancelled, we have not seen our loved ones recently. So, schedule some video chats! Get the whole family together and call your grandparents, or have a video chat with your favorite cousins, or just call your parents! Whoever you choose to call, its sure to bring a smile to their face, and yours.

Donate blood

Blood saves lives. Everyday donate blood saves countless lives in every hospital across the country. According to Red Cross there has been a significant drop in blood donations recently. This drop in donations is “limiting the ability for the nation’s blood supply to be adequately replenished.” Red Cross and other experts say that there are no known risks being presented to blood donors during the donation process. So if you are tired of being cooped up at home, schedule an appointment with Red Cross to donate some blood.

Write letters to friends

We are all missing our friends right now. So why not put pen to paper and write a letter to your friends or loved ones? It will be something fun for you to do as well as being a bright spot in their day when they get your letter.

Take online classes

Is there something you have always been interested in or just wanted to learn how to do? Then take an online class. There’s a huge number of online classes right now. Some places, like colleges, are even offering free intro classes. Harvard is currently offering 86 online courses in a variety of topics for free.  In addition to that a lot of experts and professionals are offering seminars or posting videos to share their expertise. If there is something you want to take a class in, there’s resources right now for you to do that.

Virtual game night

Schedule a time with your friends, pick your favorite multiplayer app and have virtual game night. You can even join a video call so you can all talk, or trash talk, while you are competing.

Or, if you live with people, you can have a small game night with just you guys. It will mix things up and give you a chance to have some fun together.

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