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Top Must Visit Tourist Locations in Kansas City

When you live somewhere for a while, it’s easy to just get used to it. It’s easy to forget how interesting the city you live in is. I think that’s particularly true with Kansas City. Kansas City was named on National Geographics Most Exciting Destinations in the World for 2019 list, and it was the only place in the United States named to that list. However, if you live here its easy to forget about all of the incredible things that make this city an incredible place to visit. So today, we are going to go through some of the top tourist locations in the city, and talk about why you should go visit them even if you live here.

National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial

The National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial is America’s official memorial to remember World War I and those we lost. Not only is it a memorial to remember all those we lost in the war, but they are also a museum, focused on remembering and understanding World War I and its enduring impact on the world. They are America’s leading institution for World War I. The museum provides countless exhibitions and educational programs to teach others about everything that happened in the war, and its effects on the global scale. They also collect and preserve historical materials related to the war so we will be able to remember and learn for generations to come.

For Kansas City to have the opportunity to house such an important national monument is a huge gift. It allows many more people to get to experience this memorial and remember history. It also allows us Kansas City natives to constantly remember that events like World War I happen. This memorial and museum is an important place to visit for every American, but living in Kansas City means you definitely have to experience this museum.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

The Negro National League was established in Kansas City in 1920. Today the museum stands at 18th & Vine, 2 blocks away from the YMCA where the league was first established. Kansas City played a huge role in the founding of the Negro National League, which is why the national museum commemorating the league and it’s lasting effect on American culture is located in Kansas City. The museum has become one of the foremost cultural institutions in the world due to it’s continued focus on giving a voice to an important piece of American history.

For anyone that’s a baseball fan, or even just a sports fan, this museum is somewhere you need to visit. The museum is home to a huge collection of pieces from the Negro Baseball league. They also hold events and educational programs to help visitors learn more about the league, and its lasting effects on our society and the game of baseball.

American Jazz Museum

The American Jazz Museum is the national museum remembering the jazz culture in America. The museum used interactive exhibits to display Jazz throughout the decades. Their goal is to celebrate and teach about the history of jazz in America from one of the nations biggest jazz crossroads- 18th & Vine.

The American Jazz Museum is located next door to The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, giving you the perfect opportunity to experience both of this one of a kind museums. The American Jazz Museum  is a great place to learn about the rich culture of jazz in our city. It gives you a great appreciation for how this city became the place it is today.


Westport Neighborhood

The Westport Neighborhood in Kansas City is a deeply historical area. Westport was first settled in 1831, and it served as a crossroads for the California, Oregon, and Santa Fe trails for years. In the rush to settle the west, the Westport area marked the passage into the western frontier. All of the history that exists in Westport has made the area a beautiful collection of unique restaurants, stores and history.

Westport is a popular location for most Kansas Citians, but most of us don’t appreciate the history. So take an afternoon and go walk around Westport and soak in the rich history of the area, and then pop in your favorite restaurant.

Arabia Steamboat Museum

The Arabia Steamboat Museum is an incredibly unique attraction in Kansas City. The museum offers you the unique opportunity to experience what everyday was like life in the 19th century on the American Frontier. The Missouri River claimed nearly 400 steamboats in this 2,500-mile course, including the Steamboat Arabia, the museums namesake. The Steamboat sank just west of Kansas City, and do to erosion was buried underground for over a century. Because it was buried, the steamboat and all of its cargo, was preserved. The museum now displays artifacts from the steamboat and more in a one of a kind experience.

This museum is a place a lot of native Kansas Citians have never heard of, but that’s a shame because it’s truly an incredible experience. The steamboat had been carrying goods for general stores on the frontier. So this museum has everything from fine china to children’s toys, tools, and the worlds oldest pickles. The museum is the only one of its kind, so everyone should take the time to go learn about everything this museum has to teach us.

Kansas City is a place rich with history, art and culture. There’s really an endless list of places you should visit in Kansas City. What’s you favorite must visit location in Kansas City?

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