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Winter Activities for Kids

Kids have been home a lot this year, and with winter break coming up, they are going to be home even more. So here’s some creative ideas for how to keep the kids busy while they are home all the time.


Holidays mean baking, so why not use that as a way to keep the kids busy. There’s so many fun and easy things to bake that will help keep them busy. This is another thing that you can do and then use to give away as gifts.

          Snowman Pancakes

Holiday Cookies


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Homemade Hot Cocoa

It’s going to be getting cold and who doesn’t love hot cocoa when its cold? With the internet and sites like Tasty, it’s so easy to find recipes for creative homemade hot cocoa. It’s really easy to make, but kids love it! Plus you can make batches of the dry mix that are as big as you want them to be, so you have the option of making a big batch and then having an easy treat for the kids for later. If you don’t want to make it for yourself, than jars of homemade hot cocoa mix make great presents. Let the kids make them and then give them away to people as presents, we promise they will love it and probably talk about it for forever afterwards!


Making crafts is normally an extremely messy situation, especially with young kids, but kids love them. With the holidays coming up there are so many great craft options for them, and if they really like one of the options, they can make extra to give away as presents.

Paper snowflakes

Winter Wreath

Christmas Ornaments

Glitter Snow globes

Snowman Sun Catcher

Make Ice Cream

                Everyone loves ice cream. One great activity for kids is making ice cream. You get options so you can pick what flavor you want, and its something that’s pretty easy and cheap to make. Plus kids love activities like this.

Board Games

Board games are an old classic, but now there are some many options for board games, there’s so much you can do. So go to the store and have the kids pick out a couple board games, or just find instructions online for how to make your own. The kids can get really creative with something like this and if they find a game they really like they will probably become obsessed and then that game will be something that can keep them busy for days.

Greeting Cards

This is a fun one, especially right now. In nursing homes, there’s always countless elderly that don’t get visitors and are very lonely, which is made worse by the pandemic because most nursing homes are on lock down. So call around to your local nursing homes and see if they are accepting things like gifts or greeting cards and maybe ask how many residents they have. Then gather your kinds and let them make greeting cards that you can then go and drop off to the nursing homes. This project is great because it will probably take at least a couple days, so it’s a long term activity, but also the elderly in these nursing homes appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Scavenger Hunt

Kids love scavenger hunts. This is a good one if you have more than one kid because it can be a competition with a prize at the end. Just gather a bunch of items, hide them around the house and have the kids find them. This can be as easy or hard as you want. If you want you can make hints that they have to solve, but you don’t have too. Depending on how you do this, it can be something that keeps the kids busy for a long time.

Paint The Snow

So it hasn’t snowed much yet, but snow is likely coming and when  it does it presents a lot of opportunities for activities. There’s the obvious sledding, making snowmen, snow ball fights,… but there’s also some more creative options. One of my favorites is paint the snow. Just get a couple spray bottles, fill them up with water and a little food coloring, and then the kids can use those to paint in the snow. It’s something kids love, it’s a lot of fun, and has virtually no clean up, definitely a win.

Family Tree

            This activity is probably better for older kids, but every kid is different. Kids are curious, so have them talk to family members and tell them about your family history. Talk to them about your family tree, have family tell them old family stories, talk about where your family comes from. You can even tell them more recent things like how their parents met, how you pick their name, whatever you want. Kids love to hear stories and this is a great way to keep it kind of educational but also fun.This could even be turned into a craft project if you want to make a family scrapbook.

Build a Fort

Forts are so much fun, even for adults. So pull all of the pillows and blankets into the living room, build a fort and have a family movie night. It’s an incredible opportunity for some fun family bonding.

Get Organized

This one isn’t the most fun idea, but if your house is starting to look like chaos after having your kids home all the time, this is probably an appealing idea. Get the kids together, it’ll probably have to be a several day process, but have them help you organize their room. Have them go through their toys, clothes and whatever and decide what they want to keep and what they want to get rid of. Then have them help you figure out a plan to keep their room organize. Kids are more likely to keep things where they are supposed to be if they are allowed to pick where things belong, so let them pick. Then you can take everything they decided to get rid of and donate it, or adopt a family for Christmas and give the toys to them, or whatever else you want.

Well those are just some ideas to help keep your kids busy this winter, but if you have other activities that you love, let us know!

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